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The finest works of art should not be restricted to a few privileged collectors. Our artists match every nuance of a great master brushstroke. Our art lovers throughout the world can enjoy a Rembrandt, Rubin, Raphael or Monet in their own home.

Our oil on canvas duplicates the world-class museums and auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. We will customize to your specifications including the frame. As an example you can order a copy of the frame of the Madonna della Seggiola ( 16 th century) by Raffaello in 1514. It belonged to the Medici family until the middle of the 16 th century and was then taken to Paris by Napoleon. Today it is exhibited in Florence at Palazzo Pitti.

We are able to reproduce all the formal features of the ancient frame with great skill. The 22k gold gives it back the finish that resembled the original work.

Oil Painting Reproductions
of Fine Masterpieces

The Italian and French taste for brilliant gilding was achieved by laying gold leaf over gesso and different colored bole, or clay base. This method allowed the frame maker to highlight only certain areas of their carving with gold leaf imitating Louis XIII and Louis XIV frames.

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