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Seals for the U. S. Congress, State Legislators,
Associations, and others

A member of the US Senate or House of Representatives or any state legislator can now order their state seal in 22k gold mounted in an American style frame made of wood and with a name plate that shows the years served.

This beautiful frame and seal can be handed down from generation to generation and will become an important heirloom to your family legacy. A matching portrait frame is also available and creates a classic wall display.

Legislators in some states have campaign accounts made up of left over monies that may be used for office equipment, furniture, etc. Our products fall into this category. There is a one time set up fee to cover the carving of the seal.

Other Seals

Seals can be created for a number of other areas such as a family crest or coat of arms; association symbols or trademarks. Other special presentations and awards for associations such as the bar, bank, corporate, medical, dental, judiciary, governmental agency, school, college or university seals and mascots, etc., can be custom made with a 22k gold finish. There is a one time set up fee to cover the carving of the seal.

Governmental agencies or state seals may not be made for any purpose other than for the members of the legislature, or for approved governmental agencies prior to placing an order.

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