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Historical Windows and Surrounds


Historical windows are difficult to find, and even more difficult to match if you do find them, and are usually not in the best condition. Our craftsmen specialize in custom reproductions of high quality wood windows and doors for historical properties. Many people add new additions to old properties and need to match the old windows.


Or, if you are building a new house and want to replicate the historical look of old windows we can recreate any look you want for an authentic appearance, including beautiful fan light windows. Insulated window units lower the costs of heating and cooling. And we use only the best material to show the beauty of historical building materials.


To create a product that has both the beauty of the past and the efficiency for the future we combine traditional craftsmanship with the highest technology in the field. We recognize the value of our nation’s historical buildings and have a passion for the craftsmanship that went into creating them.


National Register of Historic Places
Presently Listed as: DeVaughn-Lewis House
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